Thursday 15 August 2013

Some play time for me........

Some furniture made so long ago and left unfinished has been picked up and painted.  I just felt like doing something different - haha!  It's still paint - what am I talking about!

Never mind, it's as finished as it ever will be!  Here are the results...of course, sporting a couple of baskets I whipped up for the occasion.

A corner cupboard - yet to be filled

A work table

A door-less sideboard

Cane basket with twisted handle

And that's me done for another day!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - I know I will!!!
(nothing like thinking positive)


  1. Je meubels en manden zien er mooi uit. Ik wens jou ook een fijn weekend.

    Groeten Xandra

  2. I like making and painting my own furniture as well. It is much more creative, because you can try different finish to it.
    I love the corner cupboard. It is great!!
    Your handmade baskets are the perfect addition to this lovely furniture.

    Have a nice weekend,

  3. The furniture looks great and the baskets sure are just gorgeous.

    Thanks I am planning on having a great weekend, enjoy yours!

  4. I love the combination of the pale white furniture and the warm brown coloured baskets.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Hugs Liduina

  5. Beautiful furniture and baskets too! ;)

    1. de jolis meubles qui méritaient d'être peints et montrés ! Le panier ... toujours très beau, j'aime sa rondeur !

  6. Your baskets and your furniture are wonderful.
    Congratulations. Kiss

  7. Son una maravilla tanto tus muebles como tus cestas, una combinación perfecta, feliz fin de semana:-)

  8. Those are very nice pieces of furniture. I also love the contrast between the white and the warm color of the baskets.

  9. make miniature furniture is really fun and I see that you have fun too much to make delicious baskets. Nellina

  10. it all looks great! You know, I knew there are several techniques to make a basket, but I never knew there were so many looks and shapes and techniques!
    I so understand why you don't get bored making them

  11. Lovely items of furniture and baskets. It is always satisfying when you finish projects that have been sitting on the 'waiting list' for too long. The corner unit will look great with a mix of items on it.

  12. Hi Lidi! I love the solid country look that these pictures evoke. It looks like farmhouse furniture plain and simple but you have made them versatile with the accessories that you have paired the pieces with. It is all very spare but yet very elegant! Not as easy as it looks either.


  13. What an amazing experience to see your obvious show of creative talent. You managed to set the stage for wonderful possibilities.

  14. You used white paint???? I don't believe it! Where's the grunge? Now I'm wondering what you're intending for these. Love the baskets of course but that pumpkin is pretty awesome too, did Jess make it?

    1. Ah Sus!! white paint indeed! I'm not sure what I'm intending for those pieces of furniture - but a country kitchen roombox is hovering somewhere in my brain. Oh well, one of these days it'll all happen!!
      No Jess did not make that pumpkin - but she will be making some others for a friend!!
      Talk soon dear lady - take care! Hugs - Lidi