Tuesday 27 September 2011

A Beautiful Visitor!

While we were out clearing and working - look who came to call.  He is a carpet python - wonderful for keeping the vermin under control and excellent for keeping other more viscious snakes away!

Isn't he gorgeous?!

Having a break tomorrow so it will be back to work on Tanglewood!  I look forward to that.

No Mini-ing today - but went back to nature!!

Today I took time off from working on ANY of my many projects.  Instead, I spent time in the garden where I found yet another lovely orchid in bloom.

These are native cymbidiums - so pretty!

Below are snaps of our 28 acres of rainforest with a shack on it.  We are in the process of clearing area around the structure so we can have extensions done and then move in.  Yet another project for us - just a change from working in 1:12th scale!!  But this too will be fun!

A lot of work to be done here!!  But it will be the perfect place to create miniatures......can't wait!

Monday 26 September 2011

Welcome to my new followers!

I just wanted to welcome all the new followers of this blog - and to say thank you for dropping by and taking a look!

My Tanglewood Project

Several years ago, I went to New Zealand to do this Rik Pierce workshop and it has sat at home waiting to be worked on for so long.   I spent a long time thinking about what I would do with this because I just felt it deserved more than just being a room box!

This image shows how Tanglewood looked when it arrived home from New Zealand

This image shows Tanglewood on it's final resting place with the extension on the right side to allow for the stairs up to the first floor and providing cart access to the rear.

A close up - showing the cobbles and a few other details.

A view into the alley way showing access to the first floor.

And another view!!

I think it will be a while before this project gets finished - but it will be fun!

Friday 16 September 2011

An Introduction to Indianna Jones ......and some baskets, of course!!

I have made mention of Indianna Jones in a previous post and thought I would introduce him to you all!  So drum-roll please............

And here he is - checking out his saddle and other bits, obviously getting ready to go on another of his grand adventures.
And here is a close-up!  He's quite handsome I think.

Made by Kim Murdock from Western Australia.

And I played a little too!  Some of
the results..........

Tuesday 13 September 2011

.......and other stuff!

It never pays to have idle time as far as I'm concerned!!  Sitting quietly never works - it leads to trouble!  Actually,  it leads to insane ideas!

 I think they're finally going to lock me up!  A lidded picnic basket in 1:24th scale!  But I must say it is CUTE!!  Once I started, I had to get it finished as fast as I could - just to see the end result so I had a pretty late night last night!!

I'm starting on a shopping basket next!  Stay tuned!

Susan came to Play!

Been quiet for over a week - but I fixed that!!

Susan came to play yesterday and look what she did!!  She dressed my babies for me!

I'm one lucky duck!  Susan made the rompers, and the bear (of course) and the beautiful rug!!
 And how about Pooh Bear!!  They're all wonderful!

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Some quiet time..............

This would have to be my favourite time of the year -  in the garden at least - and before the heat and humidity hits, and that won't be long now that winter is done and gone!  Here are some of my favourites - they are all Australian native orchids.


And they smell divine!

And now .......back to work!!

Friday 2 September 2011

Where did that week go?

Wow - it's been over a week since my last post - and where did that go?  Busy, busy, busy!!

On Monday, Susan came to play - armed with her courtyard - which is looking just wonderful so say the least.  She's such a perfectionist!!  But, she did NOT come empty handed - oh no!  I was the very grateful recipient of some treasure from Sdfioh* Adkjfbd`~!! and here they are - displayed on a little table I made!

These precious items will eventually find their rightful place in Indianna Jones' house - which is currently under construction - but that's a whole  l-o-n-g other story and the word "long" is not used lightly here.  This house has been languishing in the workshop for the last 15 years because I had no vision for it.  It's so difficult to work on a place if it has no "history".  Well, about 2 years ago I found it's destiny - a home for Indianna Jones!  And so work began - then it stalled again because of commitments in the "basket" world.  But we are on track again!  I will never complain about being bored!

I have also been playing during the week - 

Some tribal pots using our Australian gum nuts!