Wednesday 28 August 2013

And the winner is...................

I had absolutely nothing to do with the picking of the winners here.  I asked my daughter to organise the whole thing and this was the result.

First name chosen  - on the left -  LUDMILA

Second name chosen - on the right - CATHERINE


Now I need some information from you both.

Ludmila - (what an omen - my namesake!!) you need to choose whichever basket you would like and let me know (  If you should pick the basket with the ribbon, you can select a colour of your choice (pale pink, pistachio as shown on the giveaway picture, blue, ivory) and provide a postal address,

Catherine - I need your address too!

Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway and for all your encouraging comments!!  We'll do this again soon!

Now it's back to work for me!!

Sunday 25 August 2013

Another Update.........

....and I might even get the name spelt correctly this time!!   Willunga is now ready to be put on the base and I can start putting up the little picket fence across the front verandah.    Then it will be on with the landscaping.  I plan to install a well in the back yard part and who knows what else!!

Internal view

Verandah attached

Other Chimney

I feel I'm finally getting somewhere with this project - not much to do now - especially if you say it quickly!!

We should have Willunga firmly attached to the base by this evening and then I can have fun with the landscaping.  Peter has installed his wonderful flickering fires - one in the kitchen and the other in the living area and he is making the internal lights for me!  Will show and tell when they are finished!

Monday 19 August 2013

A little progress made on Wilunga............ between making some baskets and just life in general!!!

Today I concentrated my efforts on the cottage.  I finished claying the roof - a bit of a tedious job but well worth the effort.  Tomorrow I can hit it with some paint.

The windows - front and side - are in!

Lean-to roof is finished and painted - not attached!

Corrugated iron roof painted but not yet attached.

So that's my news on the miniatures front.  But I also have other exciting stuff happening.  A veterinarian nurse friend of mine breeds the most beautiful Tibetan Mastiffs and she has a female who is obviously not into motherhood.  Had a litter of pups - had a lot of hormonal issues and was totally disinterested in her beautiful pups, although she did eventually manage to wean them!  The short story is that Nuba (the mastiff) has been offered to me - like a rescue dog really!!  And so she will be joining us on Friday.  Jessica and I are both very excited and hope that she will settle in well here.

Nuba is the smallest of the mastiffs!  She only weighs in at 40 something kilos, as opposed to all the others that weigh in at 80 plus!  She is an absolute sweetie.

Thursday 15 August 2013

Some play time for me........

Some furniture made so long ago and left unfinished has been picked up and painted.  I just felt like doing something different - haha!  It's still paint - what am I talking about!

Never mind, it's as finished as it ever will be!  Here are the results...of course, sporting a couple of baskets I whipped up for the occasion.

A corner cupboard - yet to be filled

A work table

A door-less sideboard

Cane basket with twisted handle

And that's me done for another day!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - I know I will!!!
(nothing like thinking positive)

Tuesday 13 August 2013

It's Giveaway Time.......

At last I have completed the two baskets I would like to give away as a thank you to all those following my blog!

I decided on having two baskets because - well, I would dearly love to give you all one, but I think that would be a pretty impossible task!!  I am going to let the computer do a random selection and the first two names out of the box (so to speak) will be the recipients.   First out of the box will have first pick!

Rules of the giveaway are pretty simple:

1.     Only current followers of my blog will be eligible for the give-away.

2.     Leave a comment on this post to have your name on the list.

3.     The give-away closes at midnight on Wednesday 28 August      (Australian time!!)


Sunday 11 August 2013

Some baskets.......

........just don't want to "be"!!  I started this basket 3 weeks ago, have re-started it 3 times, and unpicked it twice.   It really drove me crazy and I am really of the opinion that some items just don't want to "be" no matter what!!!   but I WON!  I finally got it finished and hopefully will be loved by someone!

It is larger than my usual baskets (on request) - made to fit a baby 55mm long.  Normally I make these for the Belly Button Babies which are somewhat smaller!

Not long now - I have one more basket to finish and then I will concentrate on my planned give away! I'm actually looking forward to it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend - and take care.  Talk again soon!

Wednesday 7 August 2013

It must surely be time ............

........... for a give-away!!  I have completed 100 posts so it is as good an excuse as any I can think of!!
First though, I must finish off a couple of commissions, but after the weekend I will knuckle down to making a little something - I already have a picture in my brain!!

In the meantime, I have been doing a little bit of basketwork on the side and I share the results below:

Now I have to get back to my commission work - aim is to get them finished by Friday night!!  We'll see how I go with that one!

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone and I hope the weather is being kind to you wherever you are!

Friday 2 August 2013

An update on Wilunga!

I have been working steadily on this project over the the last few days and thought I would share some progress shots with you.

You've already seen the internal of the kitchen lean-to and the following are shots of progress to date.  I'm really having a lot of fun with this and can't wait to get it finished!

End Wall clayed and ready for painting

A front on shot

External of the lean-to

A closer look!

Internal of the main cottage with storage loft on right

My inspiration for this project

More on this hopefully by the end of the weekend.  I just can't stop working on it - so nice after all the baskets.  Now I can divide my time more evenly!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday 1 August 2013

Back from New Zealand..........

.......and we had an absolutely fabulous time.  The weather was perfect for us and just framed the stunning scenery!  I will take this opportunity to share just a couple of photos with you........

We flew in to Christchurch and drove north to Nelson - where we took part in the Nelson Miniature Show. 

On the beach front at Kaikoura.  It was amazing how close the snow was to the ocean.

A seal colony we came across on our drive north.  I particularly liked the warning signs on the road - "Seals next 8 km"

I suppose that equates to ours which read "Kangaroos next 10km"

Another stunner - the Peloris river - which apparently starred in the recent Hobbit movie.

One of my favourite spots - Mapua!  Just stunning.

Wellington from Victoria Peak.

 I am seriously back to work again - lots of weaving to be done and my paperclay project to complete.  More on that in my next post!!

I hope everyone is keeping well.