Saturday 26 July 2014

A little play time!

After working in 1:24th scale I just had to do something a little different and here is the result.  I was happy with it!

The second pic is to show the detail on the basket.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Monday 14 July 2014

Madness hits........

.....and I have the evidence to prove this!!   My last post showed a be-ribboned baby basinette and since then I have been working on a baby sibling of the same.  This has taken me soooo long to do - weeks in fact.  First off, it took three attempts to get the base size just right!  And weaving with virtually sewing cotton thread just about drove me insane.

Like all my baskets, the item is finished with a woven border, not glued on.  I was ready for a straight jacket by the time I had finished but was determined to get it done.  I took a picture of the two baskets together, but the camera is so deceiving. 

The two baskets don't look too different in size here!  But the large one measures 60mm long, 40mm wide and 25mm high.  The small one measures 37mm long,  24mm wide and 16mm high.

I hope all visitors to this blog are having a wonderful summer season.  We are in the depths of winter, but it will soon be over - only another 6-8 weeks of cool weather and we'll be back to summer.  I can hardly wait!!

Take care everyone!