Monday 19 August 2013

A little progress made on Wilunga............ between making some baskets and just life in general!!!

Today I concentrated my efforts on the cottage.  I finished claying the roof - a bit of a tedious job but well worth the effort.  Tomorrow I can hit it with some paint.

The windows - front and side - are in!

Lean-to roof is finished and painted - not attached!

Corrugated iron roof painted but not yet attached.

So that's my news on the miniatures front.  But I also have other exciting stuff happening.  A veterinarian nurse friend of mine breeds the most beautiful Tibetan Mastiffs and she has a female who is obviously not into motherhood.  Had a litter of pups - had a lot of hormonal issues and was totally disinterested in her beautiful pups, although she did eventually manage to wean them!  The short story is that Nuba (the mastiff) has been offered to me - like a rescue dog really!!  And so she will be joining us on Friday.  Jessica and I are both very excited and hope that she will settle in well here.

Nuba is the smallest of the mastiffs!  She only weighs in at 40 something kilos, as opposed to all the others that weigh in at 80 plus!  She is an absolute sweetie.


  1. Hi Lidi! I am so happy for you and so happy for Nuba too! Every pet deserves good owners and so I think that with all the love that you have in your heart, Nuba has found a great place to live!
    Your cottage has made a lot of progress since last we saw and having a roof on it makes it actually look more like a home! The finished chimney looks so good and I am excited to see everything taking shape according to your plans!


  2. I love your cottage. Your skills with paper clay are fantastic. Those bricks on the chimney are PERFECT!!!
    Good luck with your new baby!

  3. Nuba is such a beauty, I wish you a lot of joy with her! Your roof looks adorable, I wish I could also create such a natural effect :-)
    Hugs, Sandra

  4. I wish you would run a class in building one of your amazing old houses I would love to learn how to do that. And congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family she looks like a lovely-natured dog (besides her lack of mothering skills).

  5. Oh WOW!! On both fronts...Wilunga is beauuutifuuul! and so is Nuba, can't wait to meet her, she looks lovely.

  6. Nuba est une jolie chienne, je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur à toutes les deux. Un animal est précieux !
    Avec le toit, la maison a bien avancé. A bientôt ! rosethé

  7. Your new "fur kid" is fabulous! My Indy weighs over 40kg and I thought she was big. Mastiffs must be huge.

  8. It's a great work, and Nuba looks adorable! Greetings