Monday, 25 August 2014

My past 14 days...........

.....have been spent working on birdcages!  They are still incomplete - needing cage doors to be done and some final bits and pieces!  Keeping all that in mind - I am showing pics anyway!!

I broke the monotony by working on another bike basket for this bike that I painted - with an almost matching shopping basket.  That was purely fluke by the way!!

I hope you have all been keeping well.  We have had  lovely week of "some" rain which has saved the grass in our yard from extinction!!  Long may it last!

Take care everyone.

Friday, 1 August 2014

I'm so excited............. have finally finished this little number.  A hanging cradle - which has been living in my head for many months now - has finally, somehow, emerged through my fingers!! LOL!   A lot of weaving involved and a few curses too - but I'm so happy with the end result.  It looks just like a imagined it would - and that has to be a big plus!

I also made this delivery bike basket which I am so happy with as it fits so perfectly on this bike.

All in all a very good fortnight's work!!

Hope you are all keeping well and I wish you all a very happy weekend!