Saturday 31 January 2015

More on the Boulangerie!!

We had a mini get together on Saturday and lined up most of the shops that will make the street scene!  I was the last to get started on mine and so happy to say that I'm the first one finished - with the outside, that is!!  Here are some pics for you.............

Now I have to start making the pavement to fit along the front and hopefully by next meeting we can line them up again with the footpath.  Slowly coming together now!

This is the bread rack that will live on the back wall of my shop. I love how it turned out!!

And I have put some of the bread made so far on the rack - to give an idea of what it will look like!  Lots more bread to be made though!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Saturday 24 January 2015

Update on the Boulangerie.................

Roof completed - although I would like to add some finials - windows installed and courtyard completed.  I have yet to complete the signage but will show off when its done!

Right hand cobbled courtyard area.

Details of courtyard area.

Now I have to start on the internal fittings and of course, make the bread.  I have started on that journey and am beginning to have fun with this.  I will show my sad attempts on bread making when I have something for you!!

Hope everyone is keeping well.  Until next time!!

Sunday 18 January 2015

My Boulangerie...........

.............has been in the planning stage for quite some time.  Each member of our mini club is building a French shop which will be made into a street scene and this is my contribution.  Still a fair bit of work to be done on this.  There is to be a little court-yard to one side of the building and then there will be the bread and stuff to make which will be another thing altogether!!

It is planned to put the street scene on display at the next Sydney mini fair.  I will just get that in before my departure to KDF!

Anyway - here are some pics of work done so far!

I will post more pics when I have something to show!!