Friday 30 March 2012

Market hall resident!

I made my first attempt at flocking a sheep!  Not too bad, but I really feel that the Schleich sheep is just a tad large.  I shall have a go at a couple of lambs next and I might be happier with them, but mama sheep can maybe be tethered to the cart outside!  That way she won't take over the whole market area.  Shall have to wait and see once I have completed the cart.  So much to do, but it's all so different and I'm having fun.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Saturday 24 March 2012

Yet Another Diversion!

A random visit to a new art gallery which opened recently in our valley found me straying (yet again) from my carefully conceived programme.  The gallery is holding a competition for miniature art works no more than 300x300x300mm in 2D or 3D  – and Peter, who is always so encouraging and full of helpful ideas – suggested that I might like to enter said competition with a little room box.  And of course, it’s very hard for me to say “NO”……and here is the end result.

I must admit that I had a lot of fun with this.  The dresser has been re-hashed severely – doors replaced and varnish stripped as was the chair.  The table is one Peter makes and most of the “stuff” was “found” in my rummage box.  Food is by Jessica (my daughter) – so you could say we were all involved!

Sunday 18 March 2012

Tudor Market Hall - Construction complete, sort of...................

FINALLLY!!  That last 10% really did take the other 90% of the time!  But now I'm happy....sort of......because I've just decided to re-do the chimney.  But this is not a big job and will be done along side getting the internals done.  Now I can bore you all with copious pics, so take a deep breath and here goes!!

Front wall with access to both market area and first floor area.

This doorway provides access to the  first floor.  I still have to attach the hardware to the doors so they are not permanently installed as yet.

Side wall with diaper work.

Back view showing all levels.

Full side wall.

Lights were all made by Peter and he has installed his flicker unit so the candles flicker - but not in unison!!
The background lighting is provided by LED's imbedded behind beams or whatever else was available!

Market hall area - which I'm sure to have fun filling!

First floor Guild meeting room - the "formal" room!!

Top floor - which will be the general "store" room for the Guild Hall!

Now I'm left with the job of filling the 3 floors with life!  I have already started putting together some McQueenie Miniatures kits for the Guild area as that would be a little more upmarket than the other areas!  I wish I could have had the time to make my own furniture but on this occation, it was not to be.  It will probably take me a few weeks to get the "decorating" done - but it will definitely be going on display at the Sydney Miniature Show being held on May 5 and 6.

When the market hall is filled I will return it to the screen one last time!!  

A wonderful Sunday................

when an inpromptu call from Susan (Minichrochetmad) had us down by the waterside on a picnic lunch.  It has been a beautiful autumn's day - lovely (stiff!) breeze, plenty of sunshine all topped up with the company of dear friends.  Susan, you will talk to me again won't you - but here we all are!

And now I have something else so special to show you all.  I have been wanting one of the belly button babies for a long time now, and have finally found a source.  Haven't actually got one in my hot hands yet, but it's on the way.  That doesn't stop Susan though.  Look what she arrived with!  Isn't it the most beautiful piece of work ever?  I just love it............THANK YOU SUS!

I have been a good girl though......after lunch I came home and actually did some final bits and pieces on the Msarket Hall and now all the construction work is done and finished.  Tomorrow I shall take some photos and share them here.

Sunday 4 March 2012

A Pleasant Surprise!!!

Last week, Peter spent "a long weekend" in Sydney visiting family, spending time with a long time buddy playing with an old steam donkey engine and a couple of old miniature meccano electric motors from the 50's - generally having fun!!  Anyway - it must have been a brilliant long weekend because he came home with a present for me!
A "wet market" scene in miniature!  I think it's absolutely brilliant.  We plan to build a new home for it and make a few adjustments to the display....but that won't be happening in the next 6 months!!

Work continues on the Tudor Market Hall and I will add some photos of that project soon.  Lights will go in today and then the roof can be attached which will bring me to the end of the construction phase, which is sad because I have really enjoyed working on it.  I have started putting together some kits from McQueenie Miniatures which will sit quite nicely in this structure.  I will post again as soon as I have something to show!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!