Friday, 20 January 2012

A Mixed Variety of Stuff.......

Oh my - where does the time go?  I've been meaning to post for at least a fortnight, but I'm actually pressing the buttons now so here goes!

Before I go any further, welcome to all new followers - thank you so much for dropping by and having a look at things that entertain and amuse me - like making baskets!!  And maybe...occasionally.....other things!

Some baskets I've been working on are.......

1:12th scale and 1:24th scale

The babies took longer to make than their big sister!  It's always great when they're finished - there's the big sigh of relief that I didn't stomp on it and throw it in the bin!

Another try at a plaited basket - this time with finer weavers.  Still need to make a few more so I can say I am  totally happy with the result.  Getting there slowly.......

And finally, as far as baskets are concerned, a touch of freestyle work.  I really enjoy doing these sorts of baskets because the scope is endless!  I think this is ok - and fun!

And now for something totally different (although I had to throw a basket into the pic).
I made this with Indy's house in mind - don't quite know where yet - but I'm sure we'll find a spot!

And that's it for now.  Peter (my husband) got home from Iraq today and I'm hoping that he will kick me into gear and get me working on my buildings starting Monday.  Well, that's the plan!  We'll see how that goes.
Until next time, take care and stay happy!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A new challenge!!

The start of a new year has inspired me to try something new - in the form of a plaited basket.  I've never done these before and I definitely need a lot of practise - but they do look rustic!!

I might point out that all three baskets have a double wall - pull my hair out would describe it well I think!!  But I did enjoy myself.

And last but not least - I made this large flower basket - just for fun!!