Sunday 11 August 2013

Some baskets.......

........just don't want to "be"!!  I started this basket 3 weeks ago, have re-started it 3 times, and unpicked it twice.   It really drove me crazy and I am really of the opinion that some items just don't want to "be" no matter what!!!   but I WON!  I finally got it finished and hopefully will be loved by someone!

It is larger than my usual baskets (on request) - made to fit a baby 55mm long.  Normally I make these for the Belly Button Babies which are somewhat smaller!

Not long now - I have one more basket to finish and then I will concentrate on my planned give away! I'm actually looking forward to it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend - and take care.  Talk again soon!


  1. You certainly did "win", this basket is beautiful.

  2. The basket shows no sign of its inner turmoil and self-doubt ...

  3. I'm happy that you won over the basket! This one is especially beautiful since you went back and did it until it was mastered! As usual, your work is beautifully done. I hope that the baby appreciates all of the hard work that went into it.

  4. Es un trabajo hermoso!!!

  5. It is another beautiful basket. I am sure who ever ordered it will be thrilled to bits.

    I know all about things that will not cooperate and seemly do not want to be made. Which makes me all the more determined. I have a funny feeling you are the same way.

  6. es una cesta preciosa, me encanta , buen trabajo



  7. Well worth the effort it is beautiful.

  8. Hi Lidi! Yes, you are so right there are some things which do not want to go the way that you are determined that they shall and although I always put up a good fight, I now have learned to give way. For myself It is harder to be happy with something that has fought me back than to be guided by it. Your basket is Beautiful. It is amazing that a basket has just as much individual personality as anything else! Even if you do a series of them they are each one different.


  9. So elegant, well worth persevering and I'm bet the new owner is over the moon!!

    ML Fi xx

  10. It was worth all the hard work and - no doubt - the words turning the air blue ;) It's lovely mate, little Alliebean looks supremely comfortable.

    Don't come near us, we've been doing the flu thing.....and very nasty it is.

  11. Yes, some things just don´t want to get done :-) But your basket came out wonderful in the end, someone will be very lucky!

  12. vous avez persévéré et c'est tant mieux, le résultat est superbe !!!