Friday, 28 June 2013

The birds have it.................. I've been working a little!  Couldn't help myself - and I've been playing with some bird carriers and cages, just for fun!

Bird cage  made on a gum nut...

A couple of bird cages.  The little one is based on a design I found while rediscovering my old school days in Tiverton.  It was hanging on someone's front porch so I took a pic and here it is in miniature!

A couple of closer shots....

A chicken and a pigeon carrier....

and some closer shots!

And now I REALLY AM going to do some paperclay work!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Some KDF Purchases to share.......

I wanted to share some of the purchases made whilst at Kensington.  There were sooo many lovely things available - how do you pick?  I have to limit myself to things that I would use in my settings otherwise I could just go mad and buy everything - until I ran out of money, that is- and that wouldn't take long!

Chair by Colin Bird - bought for Indy's house

Library steps by Colin Bird

Silver tankard by Forge

I hope you are all having a great week - to be followed by an even better weekend!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig!

And I'm so glad to be back.  Glad to be able to get into a routine again - work and all.
I'll try and tell you some of the stuff I got into while away......

Arrived in London with a day to spare before plunging into KDF, which I spent doing not much other than walking around the V & A Museum - fabulous place.  Then on Saturday it was headlong into Kensington Dollshouse Festival.

Sorry about the quality of the photo - but it was a little dark and the flash just made it worse!  But this is my little table at KDF and I had SOOooo much fun there.  I bought myself another Colin Bird chair and some lights from Ray Storey.  Ordered a heap of other stuff and all in all it was great!

On Monday, we hit the road (actually - caught a train north) to Leeds where I did the family thing.  And then we got our car and travelled.  Not having done Wales before, that's where we headed.

This is the cottage we used as our base while we travelled around.

On our way to the top of Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia, Wales. " Snowdonia" - it's like a name out of Middle Earth.  It was bitterly cold and "mizzly" - but absolutely breath-taking.

We visited Portmeirion - which was another amazing place!  The dream of one Cough Williams-Ellis whose lifelong concern was with architecture and landscape design, the protection of Rural Wales and conservation generally.  You should visit the site - I can't possibly do the place any justice with my pics!

We visited some castles of course!  Here is one of my favs - Beaumaris!

And of course - did some catching up with some old school chums!  That was super fun.

And did I mention the weather?  I think the words I could use are "wet" and "cold".  Anyway, we visited a beach at Teignmouth and I think the lifesaver's got it very right!  Priceless!

The "wet" was not confined to the UK because when we arrived in Prague, it was under water after 2 weeks of rain - and it was still raining when we got there.

The Charles Bridge was closed for the whole time we were in Prague (9 days).  They actually had an excavator on the bridge to remove all the debris that built up against the bridge pylons to prevent damage to the bridge.

I loved Old Town Square at night!

 This really caught my eye while walking down a street in Prague!  I mean, Port Macquarie is just down the road from us (just over an hour's drive - so local really!).

And this is the bar selling "Pivo Koala" - that is Koala Beer.  I wonder what that tastes like!!!!!

And we took a train trip to Karlstejn Castle.  As you can see, the river was still running high and a lot of properties were under water.

Karlstejn Castle - my absolute favourite!

And the totally modern Dubai as a stopover on the way home.

Hope I haven't bored you all to tears!  Never mind, you all know where the delete key is on your computer!!
I had the most awesome time away, met some lovely people, endured some really horrid weather and a couple of nice days as well.  The great part is that here it is winter and warmer than the UK so all is well!!

And after the weekend - it's back to some serious work!!

Have a great weekend everyone.