Tuesday 22 May 2012

My Fisherman's Cottage......

.....some of you may not have seen this before, so I thought I would share some pics with you.  Again, this was a Rik Pierce kit - the witches cottage.  But I prefer to do my own thing as a whole, and this is what I turned mine into.  Hope you enjoy!!

I added some fisherman's stuff too!!

I am currently multi-tasking - working on yet another paperclay project - and designing my wicker rocking cradle and a wicker hedgehog's home.  When these are finished I will have some show and tell!!

I hope you are all well and mini-ing hard out there in blog-land!  Whatever you are doing, have fun doing it!

Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Great Mini Get-Together.........

.......and what a wonderful day it was!  Susan (minichrochetmad) and Sandra (Snippets from my Studio) called in for a cup of tea - lots of show and tell - and an exchange of gifts along the way.  And what a beautiful day it was too - sunny, warm - just perfect.

Little Belly Button Baby dressed in one of Susan's gorgeous outfits!  Isn't she the cutest?

Trying to show some of the detail - but it is so difficult to do justice to this lovely piece.

And here she is in her little moses basket, cuddling her teddy (also made by Susan)

And there is more!!

This layette is stunning - the petticoat which is worked into the garment is as gorgeous as the outer skirt.  The dress measures 52mm long, the bootees are 8mm long, the bonnet is 17mm x 18mm and the knickers are 18mm wide.

How do you do it Susan!

Get-togethers with fellow miniaturists are rare in our part of the world - I wish it could happen more often.  So it is indeed very special when we get the opportunity to talk minis.

Sandra's show and tell was her quarter scale house that she is working on - and I could kick myself because I didn't get my camera to take some pics.  The  quarter scale furniture she is putting together is also amazing - I would never have the patience!

Sunday 13 May 2012

Back at work again......

Now that the mad preparations for the show are all behind me, I can get back to doing what I love best......making baskets.

Here are a few I've just made...........

A  market basket

A stack of hampers

Square storage boxes
Left - worked with beads and a bound border
Right - finished with a commercial border and follow-on trac

I'm currentlly working on designs for a rocking cradle, a lidded shopping trolley to name a couple - and I'm so enjoying myself!  I haven't had a lot of time for designing new stuff for the last 6 months and it's so good to have the freedom to do that again

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Friday 11 May 2012

The Sydney Dollshouse & Miniatures Fair......

.....and I can hardly believe it's over for another year!  The whole weekend seems a blur now, so yes - it was very busy for us and me, myself, personally had an absolute blast - meeting old friends, making new ones and prowling the stalls whenever I could get away from our sales table.

Traders busily setting up in between hounding other traders for the pick of their crop!!

Peter is always my "patsy" as far as photo's are concerned!!  Here he is at our stand!!

Plants by Diane Cottrell - she has a large order to fulfill for my Venice Canal House rooftop garden!

Some Kim Murdock magic.  She also has a large order to get ready for me.  She's making Ezio for the Canal House as well as some other characters for Indianna Jones' house!  I'm very lucky!

I'm afraid photos are very limited - I didn't have Jessica with me this time - she was at home, sick with suspected whooping cough - so my photographer was missing in action!

As you can see from the photos - the show is not "huge" when compared to the likes of Miniatura or Kensington - but it is the largest in Australia.  It is held at Olympic Park in Sydney on the first weekend of May each year - the venue is great and parking is free.  There are also several miniature shows throughout the year held in other capital cities.

The dollshouse and miniatures hobby suffers badly in Australia because we don't have serious winters to keep us indoors for half a year!!

And that's it for another year!  I have come home armed and ready to work hard for another year!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!