Monday 30 April 2012

Welcome to new followers............

I would like to welcome all new followers of my blog.  It is so gratifying to see that people find my work to be worth looking at and commenting on - thank you all so much.

We have had so much rain lately and here is the end result!!

All the frangipani are at their best at the present time  - so colourful!

The Hoya vine is also in full bloom - the scent is so sweet it reminds me of the scent of the sugar refinery that  we drive past occasionally!   Yummy!

Getting ready for the Sydney Miniatures Show....

I've been working steadily for the show - both on the market hall and making some more baskets.  I will take some photos of the completed market hall once it has been set up at the show - there will be much more room and perhaps some better lighting!!

In the meantime, here are some baskets that I've been working on recently in an attempt to up my inventory just a little.  I have been concentrating so much on the market hall that I've not had a lot of time to work on "new" things.  No matter, once the show is over, I can focus on my baskets again - and I really look forward to that!

Monday 16 April 2012

To market-to market......

....well, nearly there now.  I just have to throw some straw and "stuff" on the ground and finish up making bread to pile on to the empty table and I shall call it done.

And now I must move on to the upper floors.  The mid level will be quite easy at it is the "meeting" room of the Guild and will be relatively neat and tidy!  The upper floor is the store room - so a lot more scope up there for a bit of mess etc.  Back to the drawing board!

And I must pause a moment to welcome new followers to my blog!  Thank you for stopping by and I really appreciate any comments you may care to make!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Another Job Done..........

....but not by me!!  I commissioned Pete with this job.  Told him vaguely what I wanted by waving my hands around, and this is what I got.  I did have some input - with the paint brush, but that is all!  I consider myself to be lucky in that Pete is a great miniaturist - it sure helps!!

Now I am left with the job of filling it!  That should be fun too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend - filled with family, friends and lots of chocolate!