Sunday 14 July 2013

I am finally claying........ next most favourite thing to do after basket making!!!

This is an attempt at making my version of an Australian cottage in Willunga, South Australia.  I thought it had a lot of character and I felt like a bit of a change from doing my Tudor thing, so.......

Here are a couple of pics of progress to date.

The lean-to kitchen!

I'm off to New Zealand on Wednesday, so will be unable to do much more before I leave - more's the pity, because I've just gathered momentum!  No matter, will have to pick up where I leave off in about 10 days time!

Hope you will all have a pleasant and productive week.  Talk again soon!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

I love visitors bearing gifts.............

..........and that's exactly what happened today!

Susan (Minichrochetmad) and Grumpy came to call and look at the beautiful "stuff" she brought along!

The green one is mine - and I'm absolutely thrilled to bits.

Here are three little belly button babies - all dressed in items designed and made by Susan - of course. Aren't they just gorgeous?  I love grumpy in the middle!!!!

Another item designed and made by Susan.  The doll measures 42mm.

And here are the visitors posing - from left to right, Susan,  Grumpy (aka Raymond) and Jessica (my daughter)  We all had a lovely few hours together - Susan we have to do this more often!