Sunday 21 August 2011

My weekend at Play

I spent time having some fun with these baskets!  Sometimes it's just nice to try different techniques after concentrating on making the more "traditional" style baskets.  Hope you enjoy!

Cane overlay 

Inside view

Diamond weave

A three-some!

Large platter with cane overlay


  1. Is there any basketweaving technique that you can't do superbly? You amaze yet again!

  2. Oh Susan - If only that were true!! Hugs....

  3. Your baskets are super great! I am glad I discovered your blog. I have a special admiration for basketweaving. You are a master.

  4. Wonderful again! Yes, You are a master!

  5. I am so glad you show us your baskets, Lidi. I am in a basket weaving phase :). I have been visiting regularly hoping you will post your baskets . I love your house too.

  6. Hi Lidi, how nice that you started writing a blog, so I can tell you that I know and admire your great work :-)
    In my life I made only two baskets, considered decent until I saw yours ...
    I hung the string on the nail!
    I saw your work on the Venetian house: wow, happy to follow developments.
    I am sending you a close embrace from Italy

  7. This is more than just basket ... are in fact a work of art!

  8. Thank you so much for looking - and for your kind comments. Hugs back at you all!!

  9. Lidi, I am so happy to see that you have started a blog! You will be so happy that you have. There is such an incredible International group of sweet,talented people to meet and share with! Your baskets are so amazing and I love the paper clay projects that you are doing! I look forward to visiting you often!!! Big Hug to you!!

  10. amazing work and great blog

    From Tyla @