Friday 19 August 2011

Ezio’z Place – an introduction:
This is my current project – the Venice Canal House – a Rik Pierce workshop held in Wellington, New Zealand, in February this year.  It came home in a wooden crate and there it sat until about the middle of June when I was once again able to work on it.  I recently finished the last of the external claying and painting and internal floors and walls.

Ezio lives here!  He is a moderately impoverished painter who lives in Venice.

So far I've made an easel for him - most important - if he can't work, he can't eat!  Here it is in it's pristine state:

This is Ezio's studio!

Ezio's Living Quarter

His Rooftop patio

I still have lots of plants to make for both the window boxes (yet to be installed) and for his rooftop patio.
Water still has to be poured – lights to be made and fitted – and all the furnishings to be made as well - so a long way to go to completion.  But I'm having fun!


  1. This is going to be a really interesting project, the front certainly hints at a lot of promise, lovely colouring.

  2. Wow! I;m interested in seeing how this turns out. It all looks fantastic and I love the rooftop. =)

  3. hi just wanted to say i love what your doing the venice house its gonna be fab,seeing yours has inspired me to get on with mine i have it built decorated and furnished but thats it no personality added.

    my house will have a infamous venetian coutisan living there inspired by the film dangerous beauty
    will pop by again see how your doing keep up the great work hugs caz x