Monday 29 August 2016

Something on my wish list.............

finally coming together very nicely indeed.  I wanted a boat on which I could display
my miniature fishing paraphanalia and asked Peter if he could oblige.  And this is
the result so far - not finished yet - rollocks to be made, oars to be made and then I
have to paint it - but I was so excited to see it this close to completion, I just had to share!
For interest's sake, it measures 280mm long and 84mm wide.
I am one happy duck!!

I will post pictures again once I've painted it!!


  1. What a great looking boat, it will make a lovely display for fishing items. greetings

  2. I bet you are excited. It is already beautiful.

  3. WOW, your boat is beautiful, Lidi, you are indeed a lucky lady/happy duck, enjoy :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. It is really lovely Lidi. Peter is a keeper! Lucky girl.
    Regards Janine