Sunday 22 November 2015

Another potato basket........and our miniature group Christmas get together.

I've made another potato basket, slightly larger than the first one and this time the "lip" is on the basket, not the lid and this way the lid sits over the lip - if that makes any sense!!

Does anyone have a preference re the shape?  I'm not sure which one I like better!  Hmmm!!

Yesterday, the mid North Coast Miniatures Group had their Christmas get together and we all had such a great day.  Typically Australian weather - we started the day off sweltering in 38 degree heat and by the afternoon we were looking for a cardigan because it had cooled down drastically!!  We all survived though!

Thank you Narelle and Laurie for opening your house to us - we all had a fabulous day - and wasn't the food great??


  1. The weather certainly put you into Christmas mode! plus the Christmas hats - but Lidi, where's yours? Nice to see some faces that I've met - was the Theatre finished for show & tell to the Group? The table looks too neat to have had the fabulous food there!

    1. We didn't get any show and tell so I guess it's not finished Anne!!!

  2. Hi Lidi! Your latest onion basket is gorgeous, this 'new' shape is more known here from earlier times ;)! I guess that everyone will like their 'own known' shape, so maybe the preference will depend of where you live...... :)?
    I loved to see the picture of the mid North Coast Miniatures Group, who had their Christmas: everyone look great with their crowns on their heads.
    Personally I think it must be an odd experience for having that kind of sudden weather change in just so less time. Because we here aren't used to this kind of extreme changes in such a short time ;)! But I'm glad you've enjoyed the day!
    Kind regards, Ilona

    1. I also prefer the more traditional shape Ilona.
      And yes - our extremes in weather make it very hard to get acclimatised!! No like Europe, where I would probably feel cold for 10 months of the year - but then one would get used to it!!

  3. Hi Lidi, I couldn't possibly choose a favorite between them. I love them both.