Saturday 19 April 2014

Reporting in - part two......

Showing some of the weaving work done recently - I've had so much fun with these!!!!

The hedgehogs are just gorgeous - made by Annie Willis, UK.  She makes some gorgeous animals!

Some old styles, some new styles!  I just love the hanging baskets - I surprised even myself!! hahaha!  I just wish I could weave faster.

I should take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy easter - hope your holiday weekend has been wonderful!


  1. That hedgehog basket house and the hedgehog scene is such so cute and all your baskets are wonderful. Such beautiful fine basketry.

  2. Hi Lidi, happy Easter from sunny Thailand. Your baskets are just amazing. You are so skilled! Weaving in 1/12 is so difficult.
    Have a great day

  3. Each basket is so well made! I wish the same for you! :-)

  4. Lidi!!! I LOVE the hedgehog The new baskets are fantastic! I also adore the ones that hang on the wall. I might just have to have one of those if they show up in your ETSY shop. :-) HAPPY EASTER!

    1. Catherine - which hanging basket do you prefer - one on the left or one on the right?
      Cheers - Lidi

  5. Hi Lidi! These are ALL SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!! I especially love the little hedgehog house. How adorable both critter and basket! :D
    I can NEVER get enough of your creative genius.... A Bessed Resurrection Sunday to you too, Lidi and thank you for this "Part Two". :))


  6. they're so cute and your baskets make such a wonderful home for them :)

  7. All your baskets are just incredible! But the "hedgehog house" is Inspired!!!

  8. Olá Lidi, teus cestos são sempre maravilhosos, e a toca dos ouriços não é diferente, é espetacular! Boa semana e beijos em teu coração.