Tuesday 24 September 2013

Monday, Monday - So Good to Me!!!

.......Anyone out there still remember the lyrics!  Well, at least the first verse is true!!

My Monday started out with a phone call from Susan (Minicrochetmad) to say she was going to call around for a cuppa!!  That's a great start to anyone's day, because look what I got!!!

I don't know how you do it Sus - but do it you do!!!!
Oh God, I think I need coffee - but I don't drink coffee!

Thank you so much dear friend - this beautiful tea cosy will sit very prettily in the housekeeper's quarters in Indy's House!   Goes with all the colours too!!  How did you know?

Then later on in the day, Jess and I hopped into the car and drove to Coffs airport, where we took delivery of a very precious bundle.  A chocolate standard poodle puppy - 8 weeks old and just gorgeous.

Not too sure what that camera is doing!!

 And finally - I have returned to working on the Indy House!  It's been a long absence, but I'm on a roll once more.  I have ordered some quarry tiles from Richard Stacey for the kitchen/scullery area and in the meantime have started work on the stove surround/chimney breast.

A lot more claying and painting to do - but I'm so glad to be moving on this once again (thank you for the come-on Catherine!!)

And that's it from me for now!  I hope everyone has a great week.  Talk soon!


  1. It is a gorgeous tea cozy. I cannot imagine how people make such tiny crocheted things. :-)

    OK.... Now I'm jealous. A standard poodle puppy!!!! Oh gosh what a sweetheart. So pretty too. You haven't said if it is a girl or a boy. Have you named it yet?

    I am so glad to hear you are working on the Indy house. Your skill with paper clay is astonishing. That chimney breast is perfect. I love the stove fitted into it.

    I hope you got my email thanking you for the beautiful basket I won. I would be horrified to think it went to one of your unused email addresses.

  2. I'm so easily distracted - somewhat like the poodle puppy! who is female and called Sashi - and she is a sweetheart!

    I certainly did get your email Catherine - and I'm so glad the basket arrived safely - as did Ludmila's - so all is well!

    Take care Catherine. Mini hugs - Lidi

  3. What an excellent Monday. And thanks for the CD of pictures for the TinyTimes. (I forgot to acknowledge when they arrived - bad me.)

  4. Oh no, it's Maddies reincarnation! The darling curly little thing, give her a cuddle from me and a few cuddles for Nuba too....How does Nuba like Sashi? Will you leave Nuba to me in your will ;)) I've fallen in love with that gorgeous girl. Cheers mate, keep up the work for Indy, he'll be so glad when he can settle in!

    1. Sus - you are so right - Sashi is the spitting image of Madi! I will answer the nuba question next week. She's just returned from the vet's after a huge operation so she's feeling sore and sorry for herself at present. Give her a couple of days!! Everyone loves Nuba!!
      hope to see you saturday! hugs - Lidi

  5. Hi Lidi! Your tea cosy is precious! But Everything that Susan does is Exceptional! Mind you she is in good company with you!
    What a wonderful hobby when friends are so generous with their skills and talents both in what they can do and with what they know and are so willing to share!
    And Your stove looks outstanding, Lidi! Love the brick work.


  6. The tea cozy is really beautiful and Sasha, how adorable!!!

  7. dans l'ordre : le cadeau de Susan, c'est très beau, elle est douée !
    Le caniche, trop mignon, j'en ai eu trois ( "mes amours"sur mon blog) Des chiens merveilleux !
    La cheminée, beau travail de briques !
    Bonne et belle journée ! rosethé

  8. Such a wonderful gift from Susa; you are really Lucky!!! Enjoy her present and the presence of your cute dog :-)
    Love to see your progress on stove surround, it's looking very promising.....

  9. The little tea cosy is adorable, but not quite as adorable as your poodle puppy. She's so huggable. I bet she will be a character. Your stove surround looks brilliant.

  10. Who knew a cuppa would bring such a beautiful gift and the though that went with it..I love that chocolate standard. I used to have a silver grey one.
    Yay! We are going to see some great work on the house!

  11. The tea cozy is amazing.
    Your dog is adorable.

  12. I really like the chimney =) And that puppy is so cute

  13. I have to admit, I am not really into tea cozies, but yours does look pretty good The dog is cute too! I am however into architectural elements and your fireplace looks absolutely amazing. Are you going to paint it or keep it white?
    It's very realistic looking and the insert is very authentic too. Cant wait to see the finished project. Keep up the good work.

    1. I have yet to finish bricking the chimney and then comes the job of painting all the bricks. I think it will keep me busy for a little while - but it's heaps of fun to do!
      Cheers - Lidi

  14. I love your tea cozy but I think your cute little puppy has just stolen my heart it's so cute and fluffy! Im glad you've opened up your heart to give it a wondeful forever home.

    Marisa :)

  15. Hi Lidi!

    Love the tea cosy! Oh Sashi, so beautiful! We had a Golden Retriever named Sasha but quite often called Sashi so feel a certain kinship :-) Give her a hug and kiss for me. I'm a new follower but had to comment on both the cozy and especially the poodle. Thanks for sharing!


  16. The little puppy stole my heart: so beautiful and adorable!