Monday 28 January 2013

Rocking Cradles ......

First of all - HOORAY!!  The rain has ceased!
We are very lucky here - no major flooding or damage;  but just an hour and a half up the highway, the town of Grafton and surrounding area is suffering major flooding with three thousand people evacuated from their homes!   I feel for all those people and those in Queensland who have lost so much.  And to think that the State of Victoria is burning!

I've been busy making.  Finished so far are these two rocking cradles - trimmed with some antique lace that I was lucky enough to find a few years ago.

And now I'm going back to work on picnic baskets.  I hope you all have a wonderful week - and take care.


  1. Lamento las malas condiciones del clima :(
    Tus cunas son magníficas!
    Un abrazo.

  2. siento lo del tiempo y lo de los incendios , has hecho un trabajo precioso



  3. I was thinking of you and hoping you were safe....good news!

  4. Oh yes Lidi, it's a strange old country we live in!! Burning one minute flooding the next. My thoughts go out to all the people effected by these disasters!

    These rocking cradles are just beautiful and the antique lace is the perfect addition.

    ML Fi xx

  5. Your rocking cradles are wonderful!
    Bye Faby

  6. These are incredible! Beautiful work---

  7. We had 47.5 degrees locally a week ago then pouring rain and chill over the long weekend, it sure is changeable, but thankfully no flooding in my area either, awful for those hit by floods again so soon after the last major event.
    I just love your rocking cradles Lidi, with antique lace they are stunning.

  8. Very beautiful work, so simple and so elegant! I adore .

  9. Im glad to hear that you are safe, the cradles look wonderful!


  10. Hey Lidi, it is good to read you are safe :D!!
    These cradles are gorgeous work, I love that antique lace, it looks awesome.
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Hi Lidi,

    Sorry to post this on your blog but I am just a little concerned.I just received an email from you that I think might be a scam email.

    I thought maybe you should check it out.

    I hope it's okay.

    Fi xx

    1. Hi Fi - glad you did post this on the blog! Somehow, someone has managed to hack into my contact list and send out whatever it was! I apologise for this - should all be fixed now. Once again - sorry to you all! Stay safe!

  12. Обожаю плетёные корзиночки, вообще всё плетёное с детства! Как здорово у вас получается! Я бы тоже хотела научиться, но проблемы с материалом.

  13. These are adorable!!!! You are crazy it is official! I admire your talent and patience. Glynbo

  14. I love these cradles Lidi - they are gorgeous. I can see I'm going to be spending again ........
    Cheers, AnneL

  15. I love your baskets! What beautiful work you do!