Sunday 18 March 2012

A wonderful Sunday................

when an inpromptu call from Susan (Minichrochetmad) had us down by the waterside on a picnic lunch.  It has been a beautiful autumn's day - lovely (stiff!) breeze, plenty of sunshine all topped up with the company of dear friends.  Susan, you will talk to me again won't you - but here we all are!

And now I have something else so special to show you all.  I have been wanting one of the belly button babies for a long time now, and have finally found a source.  Haven't actually got one in my hot hands yet, but it's on the way.  That doesn't stop Susan though.  Look what she arrived with!  Isn't it the most beautiful piece of work ever?  I just love it............THANK YOU SUS!

I have been a good girl though......after lunch I came home and actually did some final bits and pieces on the Msarket Hall and now all the construction work is done and finished.  Tomorrow I shall take some photos and share them here.


  1. Hello Lidi! You're spoilt by Susan: a beauty, this little dress. Everything: the babyshoes, the pants and bonnet all are so wonderful. Lucky you!
    Greetings, Ilona

  2. Oh Ilona - I know I'm spoilt by Susan - believe me - I know!!!!

  3. My those baby things are gorgeous! What beautiful work!!! I am so excited to see pictures of Market Hall. :-)

  4. This little dress and the others things are fabulous!
    Bye Faby

  5. Que buena manera de pasar el domingo: entre amigos.
    El ajuar de Susan es MARAVILLOSO!
    Un abrazo

  6. Monísimo el trabajo , un faldón ideal, y en compañía de lo más gratificante :)

  7. Oh Lidi, me embarrassed! Lovely time together eh?