Monday 31 October 2011

A Quick Update!

Lots of work being done here - but lots more to go too!!

From this.......................................

To this took 2 days, working from 6.30 in the morning until it was time to feed people their evening meal!!  I get very focused!

I needed to get that wall finished and behind me - I think you will understand what I'm saying here!

Work continues............................

I just couldn't resist it!!

People by Kim Murdock.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It really looks great! I know all about working on some for 12 hours or more. I forget to do anything else when I am having that sort of fun. Oooooooh I sooooo want to make one of those houses.

    What are those diagonal strips of white for on the side of the building. They must have something to do with the process of using the Paper Clay on that wall.

    That photo of the guy on the ladder is just wonderful! LOL

  2. Catherine - the white strips cover the wiring channels and then they can be clayed over!
    I'm really beginning to love how this is turning out - and the more I add to it the more I love it! Hugs -

  3. Tus 2 días de trabajo han dado resultados maravillosos, un muy buen avance!
    La escena con personajes es digna de portada de revista
    Un abrazo

  4. Hello Lidi. Congratulations, hours of work paid off, because it is very beautiful and well done. Very real. Again I say, congratulations and kissing in the heart.

  5. It's looking fab Lidi! Love the helpers, no wonder you get so much done ;)

  6. Lidi, I REALLY LOVE IT too! I want to watch you work on it so badly! I want to ask a million questions. Gosh, aren't you glad I live half a world away. LOL

  7. Susan - you're right - without the helpers I would be in deep.....whatever!

    Catherine, I'm not glad you live half a world away. We could all have so much fun!! Ask anything you like!

  8. What lovely work you've done! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-)

  9. Hi Jennifer - thank you for visiting my blog and welcome!