Saturday, 19 April 2014

Reporting in - part two......

Showing some of the weaving work done recently - I've had so much fun with these!!!!

The hedgehogs are just gorgeous - made by Annie Willis, UK.  She makes some gorgeous animals!

Some old styles, some new styles!  I just love the hanging baskets - I surprised even myself!! hahaha!  I just wish I could weave faster.

I should take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy easter - hope your holiday weekend has been wonderful!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Reporting in........

I've been busy.  I'm off to Sydney on Thursday to run a little workshop working with paperclay - which I am so looking forward to.  The workshop itself will run over three days which gets us home again very late on Sunday night.  Then on Friday, we are off to the Sydney Miniatures Fair.  I shall definitely have lots to show and tell in the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, I have been working on Willunga and here are a few pics.

Willunga front declared finished


The lights have yet to be installed - but that is a job for next week!  This is going to be exhibited at the Sydney Miniature Fair so it will be ready!  Hahahaha!

My shed!

This little shed was a project of our miniature club.  We were each given the supplies to build this - and they all look so different.  The club is exhibiting the sheds too - I will take pics of them all at the Fair.
The floor in this shed looks blue - but it isn't really!  It's a concrete floor and is grey-ish!!

I have also been working on baskets - maybe I'll get a chance to show them before the madness of the next 2 weeks starts - and maybe not!!  We shall see.

I hope everyone is keeping well.  The weather here is cooling down nicely - daytime temps are down to 23-24 degrees and nights are just great for sleeping now!  Which means that all you people in the northern hemisphere must be getting some warm weather happening - soon at least!  Take care everyone - and cheers!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Post script to my last posting.......

I could not upload these 2 photos and was determined that I would get these pics up as well!!  More baskets.....of course!  Main reason being to show the different borders I have been playing with.

A lidded storage basket finished with a simple trac border
measures 30mm high

Top view of basket

Storage basket finished with a rolled border

And that's it from me for now.  I hope you are all keeping well and busy.  All you people in the northern hemisphere must now be moving towards spring and hopefully some warmer weather - have fun in the sun!  Take care of yourselves and bye for now!

Some new baskets and other stuff!!

I have too many projects on the go at the moment - but at least it's keeping me busy!

I have been working on items for Willunga.  I've made a wing back chair and dining chair but will photo these later when I have the table and hutch finished as well.  I have made a bed, but need to finish off with a mattress and bed clothes before I can photo those!  I have also made a double "concrete" laundry tub which I will house in the back yard - will photo this when I have installed it.

What I do have a photo of is the screen I made for the bedroom so at least I can show that!!

You will notice I snuck an egg basket in to the pic!!

Large shopping basket with 1 row of decorative diamond weave

Small shopping basket with a double row of decorative diamond weave

The 2 baskets together showing size comparison

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Day of Miniatures............

And I can't believe it has been a week since we made the trip to Grafton (an hour and a half's drive from us) to visit Yvonne McSwann.  We had a wonderful day interacting with the Grafton Miniature's Group - good food, good company, and a lot of laughs.

But what I really wanted to show you is the extent of Yvonne's collection.  Dolls, bears, miniatures, scapbooking and the list goes on - she does it all - and collects it all.  I will try and show you some of her collection now.............

....but first, an introduction to Yvonne!

As you walk in to her "hobby" room, this is what you see - and it's just one third of her whole area!

Left side of the first room

Right side of the first room

These 4 photos are some of the detail on the centre table!  Could not get it all as lots of moving parts and my camera could not cope!

One of her dolls houses - work in progress!

Centre table in second room!  Again lots of moving things!

Okay - now I'm going to stop.  Believe me, I could go on....but I think you've all got the idea now.

Above this whole area is the attic, which is stacked with boxes - all neatly labelled.  These house all her "Christmas" collection which get to be displayed in the holiday season.  I wish I  could be so organised!! hahahahaha!!!!

Anyway, the short story is that we had a wonderful day.

Hope you are all having fun and keeping in good health.  Talk again soon, when I hope I can at last have some pics of my completed Willunga!!

Take care!

Monday, 27 January 2014

2014 so far!!

Australia Day has come and gone and that marks the end of the holiday season for us!!  All the holiday makers will have headed home, leaving us locals to the lovely beaches and some peace and quiet!  I may have been quiet for a little while, but have been working.

Firstly, I have put wheels into motion - preparing for several shows coming up in the next 15 months.   I'm getting in with an early start in the hope that I don't end up doing nothing but weave in my usual frantic efforts to have enough stock.  I'm determined to spread the load so I have a little time at least to enjoy doing things other than baskets - hahaha!

I have been working on a new border!  I should mention that I do not glue borders to my baskets.  I always finish with a woven border or a bound border, depending on the basket I am making.  Most baskets in real size are finished with what is called a "commercial border" and that is what I use for the majority of my baskets.  It took me 2 years to get the ending on the border correct - slow learner here!! Worth it in the end.  Of course, the choice in borders is huge - and I have selected the 2 rod, 3 stroke plaited border to master.  The start and end are the crucial bits.  If you get the start wrong, then the end won't happen.  As you can see from the image below, I have not cut the threads yet.  They will all be unpicked and I will start again.  And again.....and again......and again - until I am satisfied.  I haven't got the tension right yet and I need to cement the start and finish bits.  Not too worried about how long this will take though.  It's not a border that one would use a huge lot - especially in baskets with handles etc even in full size baskets.  However, it does look good say on a fruit bowl type basket, on trays and platters and on cradles.  ENOUGH OF THE BORING STUFF!!

2x3 plaited border

This little birdcage was inspired by the bird feeder I bought at the end of last year.  It measures 68mm from base to tip and 40mm at its widest point.  I was quite happy with the result.  You will notice that I did not put a border on this one at all.  For sale ones will have a border!


The fishing creel, which I have been wanting to make for so long!  At last I've worked out a shape I am happy with.  This one does have a border on the lid - a very basic trac border.  I'm really happy with this one!  Measurements - 38.5mm long, 28mm high at back, 25mm deep - opening lid.

Fishing creel

And here are a couple random shots just for something different - Been practising using my new camera and loving it.

A bromeliad in the garden

A couple of fisher-persons 

More fisher-people!

Another orchid

And that's it from me!  Hope everyone is well and already tackling the year with gusto!!  I have to otherwise I will run out of time!

Take care, all of you!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


to all those who visit here!

I hope you have all had a happy holiday season and that 2014 will be a wonderful year for everyone!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Two shopping baskets.....

........which I finally finished last night.

The two shoppers look about the same size in this picture - but they aren't!!

The small one measures 33mm long

The large one measures 37mm long

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Some new stuff from me....

.....after a somewhat long silence.  I've been having fun working on some new items - mostly from items I've either seen in the flesh or seen photos of.

First up is the bird feeder.  I came across this little beauty when I visited our local nursery.  I thought it was so eye catching that I actually bought one - and then thought "I need this done in miniature" as you do!!!!

I'm sorry - I just couldn't help myself!  It almost warrants a prize if you can pick the mini here!!

My first attempt at the mini!   A few changes to be made but not too bad over-all!!

A dear friend of mine came over with a picture and said this would be quick and easy to make!!!
Erm - not really - but I'm happy with the result.

I found this little cradle in a book I recently acquired.  It was originally published in 1910 and the caption on the photo of the basket reads -

"This willow cradle is a Government basket and may only be reproduced by permission of the Controller, HM Stationery Office, Crown copyright reserved.  It is made to specification for the use of Service personnel."

I'm hoping they don't mind me making one in miniature.

I'm really happy with the way this little mini turned out - it would have to be my favourite out of this batch of baskets.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Back into the baskets...........

.........this past couple of weeks!  I seem to lurch from making baskets to playing with clay - and invariably the baskets keep winning the fight for my time!!

I even remembered the match stick this time!  Just to give a sense of perspective!

The cat is by Annie Willis of Fine Design.  I made the basket just for this cat!

Definitely for the birds!

Some shopping?

Another perspective

Here we are, mid week already!  Peter has gone off to Iraq for a few weeks so I shall definitely be immersing myself in some basket work.  Have to research some new stuff and that is always time consuming!


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Some weaving work to show.........

.........that I've not forgotten about the baskets altogether!!

A couple of aged lobster pots!

A gathering basket

A flower basket

 A basket!!

A basket....

....and another basket!

And that's it!!  I could bore you all for hours - but I do have a heart!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  Here in Oz, we're all wishing/hoping for some is sooo very dry.  Maybe soon!!