Tuesday 21 November 2017

Internals started on both Venice Canal House and Flourish & Blotts......

I have started working on the internals of the two structures I want to get finished for exhibit at the Sydney Miniatures Show in May 2017.  I need to get these finished sooner rather than later, as I also need to get stuck into my basket work, but am enjoying doing something different for the moment.  However, time is running out!!

This is the start of the internal workings in Flourish & Blotts.  I have another
1300 books I need to make, which might give me the amount
of clutter needed in the whole building.  Should keep me amused
for a little while!

The right wall of the Venice Canal House completed.  I have all the books
I need for this one!!  Also working on bits of furniture to be added.

A long shot of the room upstairs.  The lower floor is his work area and I will show that
next time.
I am happy with progress to date but need to keep going and get both structures put to bed!!

Until next time!


  1. Both projects are looking great!

    Just another 1300 books to go... OMG!

  2. Los dos ambientes tienen un aspecto estupendo,tienes mucho trabajo!!

  3. C'est une pièce chaleureuse ,c'est très réussi!

  4. Hello lidi,
    Great work. the bookcase framing the fireplace are wonderful. have fun making those books.
    Big hug

  5. Hello, Lidi! It's a great job and looks cool! I wish you good luck on the show! Hugs, Julia

  6. Love the look of all those books in both structures and your Venice Canal house already has a lot of atmosphere!

  7. Oooohh, they are looking Wonderful! I didn't remember the Canal house... (Must have been lost in Dreamland!) I can't wait to see more of Both these gorgeous projects!

  8. The built-ins look great! Making books is a lot of work but the pay off at the end will be worth it! Keep up the good work.