Monday 5 May 2014

Italian Courtyard Workshop - Linnwood House - Anzac Weekend 2014

It certainly was a blast for me - I had such a good time, and I hope everyone attending did likewise!!

Linnwood house was the setting - and was it just beautiful!

Plenty of room to move around - here we have just set up ready to go!

As you can see - lunch was catered superbly by Nora-Lee and Thelma!  Thanks so much ladies - you did a wonderful job - the food was yummy!

Participants a bit tardy getting to the lunch table - too busy working!  hahaha!

Everyone working hard!

Christine (all the way from Mackay in North Queensland) working hard!

Yvonne McSwan's work in progress!  Doing well!

We were in such a rush at the end of it all - we didn't get a group photo!  Won't make that mistake ever again - group photo on the first day is the order of progress!!! 

Our dinner get-together on Saturday night - good food, excellent company!

My next posting will show the work done by all the wonderful participants.


  1. Oooh I bet it was great fun! We need to see more pictures. :-)

  2. I love what everyone is doing. I am thinking of making a textured brick wall on a current project.

  3. Oh I wish I could have been there, I am keen to learn more about papier mache. Look forward to seeing the end results.

  4. I forgot the group photograph too! I'm so annoyed with myself for that. But so happy with myself for almost getting my courtyard ready for the Sydney Fair. (Just the back wall, paving in the 'street' at the front, and some pastel touch ups to go.) A fun 3 days, but of course we should have all worked a bit faster... It was great to see so many of them on display at the Fair. It's just as well Elizabeth finished hers, after going for the 'advanced' option (hahaha).

  5. Hi Lidi,

    Sorry about the abrupt previous comment. Manager walked in and panic posted *sheepish* Feel free to delete and I will re-phrase here.

    Would you be able to tell me who runs such work shops in NSW? I am new to mini's but would be interested in one day attending a workshop.



    1. Hi Carly - Good place to start is have a look at
      And welcome to my blog!
      Cheers - Lidi

  6. se os ve genial , y que lo pasasteis muy bien, es fantastico poder compartir esta preciosa aficion , gracias por compartirlo



  7. I can't wait to see the projects made at the workshop. The brickwork looks fabulous.