Saturday 27 April 2013

So this really happened...........?

We went for a drive to the beach today  and were taken a-back by this sign posted on the side of the  road.......

This could have been a great disappointment for some because as it turns out, someone was too lazy to dispose of their very old and worn synthetic turf!!

Cheech & Chong could have had fun with this lot!!
 (for those of you old enough and insane enough to remember them)!!


  1. Hi Lidi!! Ha! That's funny. We went to the beach today as well. Carriexx

  2. Haha....well, some one could be disappointed in more ways than one!!
    With a sign like that you might attract a few more hippies than you might have expected.

    Terrible though that some one has used it as an excuse to dump their waste!!

    Have fun at KDF!!


  3. Heheh, great photo! Every time I went to see a Cheech and Chong movie at the drive-in I'd fall we're too PC to show them I'll probably never see one right through :)))

    Been out of the loop, puter problems. Seeya soon mate!

  4. la verdad es que hay gente para todo



  5. I can't resist. Cheech and Chong would gave grabbed it to cover their van!LOL. Now back to the baskets. I love them all!

  6. HAHAHAHA!!!! And yeah I remember :)

  7. I do and I can just hear Cheech saying; "Man, turn this car around. I just saw a sign that said free grass. This is my kind of neighborhood." Lol

  8. Geez,
    I think I have gotten really old. I was thinking of it as grass for my yard. When did I get so old? LOL

  9. Hi Lidi! Not only do I remember the movies and the stand up from old albums but my dad who was a musician use to know Tommy Chong quite well. back in the days of jazz night clubs and smoky bars! Yeah this sign would have been a hit with them then.