Saturday 18 February 2012

An update at last................

Isn't it wonderful how the last 10% of any project takes the other 90% of the time to get anywhere near completion!  This definitely seems to be one of those projects.

The back wall is now complete - at least that much is final!

This shows the whole roombox.  The pot on the right will be illuminated and will hold eyeballs!
The empty space on the left will house a still with a hood over it which will hang from the ceiling and this is currently under construction.

I can't wait to get this done and finished.  Then I can finish off the Tudor market hall.  I have been working on bits and pieces for the market hall but I need to really get stuck into it.  It's going to be another of those 90/90 jobs I do believe!!


  1. Hi Lidi, you've done a lot of work. I like the roombox till so far very much, its beautiful. Now swomething creepy in it...eyballs etc.I think everybody recognizes the sentence that it seems to go fast for 90%, but then.....sigh ;) I recognize it very well.
    Have a nice sunday, hugs, Ilona

  2. It looks wonderful Lidi!. I am so curious about paper clay and what it is like to work with. You have done a beautiful job. I am looking forward to more about Market Hall!!!

  3. Es un trabajo estupendo. Todavía estoy sorprendida con las antorchas. Un saludo, Eva

  4. The back wall looks fantastic.Wonderful work.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Looks fabulous Lidi, love the lighting in the back shelf! Like what you've done with the eye-ball font too, the very thought of filling it with eye-balls makes me shudder ;)

  6. I absolutely love your room box and yes been there done that lol. Great job!!! LJ

  7. Beautiful scenery. Precious in the details. kisses in your heart.