Friday 24 February 2012

I have been working.........

but not necessarily on the things I should be!!  I can get sooooo distracted doing what I love - making baskets!
So here are a few I have been working on.

A key basket (wall basket) made on a cane frame with cane stakes.

A medieval style bird cage - just the right size to hold a blackbird -
in 1:12th scale of course!!

Comment from Peter:  "Were you bored or something!

Or maybe I just needed a challenge!

The little basket in 1:24th scale is made exactly like a real basket - it has 3 rod whale on the base, worked in reverse twining for the main body, topped with a 3 rod whale accent.  It is finished with a commercial border and follow-on trac and that is where I had to succumb to a magnifier as I just couldn't see where to put the fine thread!

The best part of this project was declaring it finished!!


  1. Hola Lidi, me gustan tus nuevos trabajos, la cesta de pared es exacta a una que yo tengo en casa.
    La pequeña 1:24 es increíble
    Un abrazo

  2. Pete is right! Or else you've tipped over that fine line into insanity ;) That's one heck of a beautiful basket!!

  3. Thank you so much everyone!
    And Susan - you're probably right about the insanity bit! Hugs to you all...........

  4. Hola Lidi! Preciosas como todas tus creaciones! Me ha encantado en especial la canasta de pared Ohh la imagino llena de flores. Saludos!

  5. Love the baskets and the birdcage is just so stunning!!!!

    My daughter reckons all miniaturists are crazy, maybe she's right?!?! Well then I like being crazy ;-), it sure helps me cope with the "normal world" out there.

  6. Your baskets are amazing. I adore the beautiful cage.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Hello Lidi, you've made very beautiful baskets, especially I loooooooove the blackbird cage! Why?
    I just poste a message about blackbirds on my blog!! Is that a coincidence or....? So when you're bored again.....;)
    I like the little 1:24th scaled basket very much (the other ones too of course), its beautiful, Lidi!!
    Have a nice weekend, hugs, Ilona

  8. Simply wonderful. Compliments!

  9. Your work is a work of art! A charm, kisses in your heart.

  10. OMG Lidi!amazing work and talent!

    Jaz xxx

  11. Oh, how small and beautiful!

  12. I juts love your baskets! They looks so real.

  13. The bird cage is fabulous.
    Bye Faby

  14. Hi I love these baskets you made! I've been trying to find tutorials on making 1/12th scale baskets but can't find any information or even where to get the supplies. :'( would you be willing to point me in the right direction? Please! I will give you a freshly baked batch of mini Internet cookies. :D


  15. Amanda - an e-mail address please so I can send you some information!!
    I am more than willing to assist you any which way I can!!
    Cheers -