Monday 26 September 2011

My Tanglewood Project

Several years ago, I went to New Zealand to do this Rik Pierce workshop and it has sat at home waiting to be worked on for so long.   I spent a long time thinking about what I would do with this because I just felt it deserved more than just being a room box!

This image shows how Tanglewood looked when it arrived home from New Zealand

This image shows Tanglewood on it's final resting place with the extension on the right side to allow for the stairs up to the first floor and providing cart access to the rear.

A close up - showing the cobbles and a few other details.

A view into the alley way showing access to the first floor.

And another view!!

I think it will be a while before this project gets finished - but it will be fun!


  1. You have done such a beautiful job. I wish you could find time to finish it.
    That has always been one of my favorite projects Rik teaches. You are so lucky to be able to go to one of his classes.

  2. Thank you Catherine! I aim to finish it by May 2012 for display at the Sydney Miniatures Fair - will keep you posted!!

  3. Un proyecto muy interesante. Las gárgolas de la ventana son impresionantes. Un saludo, Eva

  4. It is stunning Lidi! I love that you are expanding on this "roombox". It will be fun to watch what else you have planned for this!

  5. It's wonderful! It will be interesting to see how you finish it. =)

  6. Oh, you've done a lot since I saw it last. It looks great!

  7. Maravilloso trabajo Lidi!
    Un abrazo

  8. I add myself to the list of curious :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  9. Fantastic job, Lidi! A project like that is hard to do. Every side should have equal sizes, and the materials are not easy to find. I bet you go shopping at specialty shops for the furniture.


  10. I end up making most of my own furniture for these projects because I can never quite find what I'm looking for!! Cheers!