Monday 2 November 2015

Doing other things mini........and having fun!!

It is so good to have the pressures of convention over - but oh boy!  Did we have a ton of fun? Hell yeah!  My two classes were filled with the loveliest people (I can't say any different because some might even read this!!)  No - seriously - it was super great.  The accommodation was good, the food was - well apart from yummy - it was plentiful.  Like being force fed really.  So all in all a wonderful weekend of minis and catching up.

So now I'm home - lining up all the things that I have on my to do list and it seems to be really long.
There is the Venice Canal House to finish, the Indiana Jones' House, the 2 story Tanglewood and a heap of others waiting in the queue!

I have started with the Venice Canal House because it is the one most near completion.  It just needs the final bits doing - like the fire mantles painted and fixed - a decision on the lights - and of course the furnishings.  And with that in mind - I begged Pete to make me a box bed for Ezio.  And here it is!

I am so happy with the result!  It has a sliding door and an internal shelf for odds and sods!  Now all I have to do is make the mattress - and that is another story altogether!  I hate needles - in fact, I'm allergic to them because they bite me every time I touch one!!  But I'm going to have to brave it obviously!  I'll have to build up the courage........

Peter didn't stop there though.  He kept making ........And I so love the double door number!!

What do you think?

Anyway - enough of my rambling for now.  I hope everyone out there is keeping well.  I'll be back with more soon!