Thursday 30 April 2015

Still working!!

Some bread baskets......

And I finally made a basket for my delivery bike.  It's such a shame that the kit has been discontinued.

Off to Sydney in the morning for a weekend of miniatures.  Really looking forward to catching up with many miniaturist friends!!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. Hi Lidi,
    with your contribution, the fair will be an even more magical, where achieve their desires in miniature :-)
    I hope you put something on Etsy, at your return ;-)
    have lot of fun!

  2. I can't say enough GOOD THINGS about the baskets that you make Lidi! I am enjoying mine so much and am planning and waiting to put it into a scene that will do it justice!
    Thank You Again for sponsoring that Giveaway!
    And what a beauty of a Delivery Basket for your bicycle! It is too bad that the bicycle kit has been discontinued but now, as a result, yours becomes even MORE SPECIAL!!!!
    Fabulous Craftsmanship Lidi! :D


  3. Que preciosa cestería.
    Feliz Puente.
    Un abrazo

  4. Beautiful baskets Lidi. I LOVE the delivery one.

    WHAT! They discontinued the bicycle? I am shocked. It was the best bike out there. I am so glad I got one before that happened.

  5. The baskets are so well made and full of details, Lidi!! :OO It's been a while since I've last visited your blog and left a comment, haha. :D

    I just j'adore your baskets so much!! ♥ Keep on the lovely work! :)))

  6. Is that the Phoenix bike? I bought one very recently (a month or so ago) through Jennifers of Walsall and it had to be made, but I got one. I notice it's not on their website anymore. It is very costly, but a great piece - not too many good 1:12 bikes out there!

    The new baskets are great too!

  7. That delivery bike with basket is fabulous. You could set a really great scene around that.