Monday 10 November 2014

NZAME Convention 2014 - Nelson, New Zealand

I can't believe that it's been and gone!  And what a whirlwind it was.

I arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on Tuesday 21 October where I visited with the lovely Maria and Peter for a couple of nights - chatting and catching up generally.  On Thursday, five of us piled into the van for our road trip to Nelson.  First stop, the ferry terminal, where we were in very good company indeed - surrounded by a rather large group of Mustangs.

The crossing was calm and uneventful and the weather was good, which made our drive to Nelson pleasant too.  I was duly deposited at my accommodation to unload my goodies and then we headed to Kim and Kerry's for a scrumptious dinner.  Friday morning was quiet time for me - gearing up for the setting up at Convention.  All went smoothly and the sales room was in operation on Friday night. 

There were some lovely displays in the exhibition room and this wedding marquee really got my attention.  It really looked sooo good.

We ventured out for dinner one evening and Pinocchio certainly enjoyed the Margueritas!  The steak wasn't bad either.

On Sunday I had an all day basket workshop.  I'm afraid I didn't get any shots of work in progress  - much too busy with 16 participants, but I did manage to get a group photo - minus 3 people who made a very quick get-away!

I am really disappointed that I didn't get more photos of completed baskets  (they all promised to)  - but here are a couple of pics I did get.

Sandra's basket - thank you for sending a pic!!

Marg Todd - thank you too!

Maria's basket - made at our own little workshop in Wellington after convention.

I was thrilled with all the participants work - they all did a wonderful job.

Convention dinner - plentiful food!

Convention cake!!  I was told who made this and I can't remember who it was - but I DO remember that it was just delicious - fruit cake yum!  And I'm not normally a fan of fruit cake!!

The organisers all deserve a huge round of applause - and a big thank you from me for the opportunity to attend.


  1. What Fun, Lidi! I am so glad that you and everyone else enjoyed the Convention.... but then who wouldn't? :D


  2. Sounds like you had fun. The baskets are very cute and looks like they came out in all different styles too.

  3. I know you must have had a great time because I did just looking at the pictures! Especially the wedding Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your time at the convention in New Zealand Lidi. Regrettably I couldn't get to this convention. Hopefully you might come to the next one in 2016. I'd love to see your work for real and meet you.

    1. I would love to get to Convention 2016! We'll see what happens and if I get invited back!!