Wednesday 20 November 2013

Some new stuff from me....

.....after a somewhat long silence.  I've been having fun working on some new items - mostly from items I've either seen in the flesh or seen photos of.

First up is the bird feeder.  I came across this little beauty when I visited our local nursery.  I thought it was so eye catching that I actually bought one - and then thought "I need this done in miniature" as you do!!!!

I'm sorry - I just couldn't help myself!  It almost warrants a prize if you can pick the mini here!!

My first attempt at the mini!   A few changes to be made but not too bad over-all!!

A dear friend of mine came over with a picture and said this would be quick and easy to make!!!
Erm - not really - but I'm happy with the result.

I found this little cradle in a book I recently acquired.  It was originally published in 1910 and the caption on the photo of the basket reads -

"This willow cradle is a Government basket and may only be reproduced by permission of the Controller, HM Stationery Office, Crown copyright reserved.  It is made to specification for the use of Service personnel."

I'm hoping they don't mind me making one in miniature.

I'm really happy with the way this little mini turned out - it would have to be my favourite out of this batch of baskets.


  1. Great baskets and what an interesting history the last one has from over 100 years ago. Love the little bird feeder.

  2. More awesome brilliance from you Lidi! Your mini bird feeder is way nicer than the big one and the cradles are beauties!!

  3. Hi Lidi! I have to agree that the last basket is also my favorite too, but All of them are eye candy to me! Very Beautiful work!


  4. Hi Lidi!

    Love the bird feeder! It looks just like its RL counterpart. The cradle is beautiful too! Hopefully it's been long enough no one will mind the mini :-)


  5. Hi, your the bird feeder 1/12 is wonderful! Great idea! No wonder you had to make it! And the cradles are gorgeous!

  6. I love them all! The bird feeder is charming. Both in RL and miniature. I adore the baby basket.

    Isn't interesting what (non-miniature making) people think will be 'quick' to make. haha

  7. Your new baskets are amazing and perfect, as always.
    Greetings, Faby

  8. Hi Lidi,
    It is such a burden to be a miniaturist at times.Nothing large or small escapes our observation . Can it be interpreted, can it be used, does it have the appearance of something quite different than its intended use. Etc etc.
    I see you suffer from the same enquiring eye but can reproduce them. Fantastic work, great fun to see what you will do next.
    Regards from Now chilly 2C, but sunny Vancouver after a freezing night. Those in colder parts will laugh at me!
    Trusty man and Grandson are out drilling the ornamental pond so the frozen water will not crack the container.

  9. Absolutely wonderful as always. I love the cradle. You are so talented. Mini hugs, Carol

  10. Hmmmm, quick and easy and mini basket making don't really go together do they? ;) Loving the bird feeder. Would love to know the date of the book with the 'Government ONLY' basket illustration, I can't help wondering what service personnel would do with it...

    1. Hi Norma - I think I mentioned that the book was first published in 1910 and I would imagined that some service families who were posted to the far reaches of the British empire might have been issued with one of these cradles! Who knows! Hugs...

    2. Oops, so you did - I should really wait until my brain is awake before commeting :) My guess would be pretty much the same as yours really in fact for some reason as soon as I saw it I thought of postings to India, no idea why.

  11. LOL..I can see groups of Govt workers making those baskets and the Govt trying to figure out how to turn a profit on them.


  12. beautiful work as always. The birdfeeder basket would be a great tropical miniature room setting. It reminds of the Tiki room at Disneyland.