Tuesday 1 October 2013

Another Step Forward...............

............in the kitchen of Indy's house.  I have completed the chimney at last and now all I have to do is lay the quarry tiles!!  It's ok if you say it quickly.....I think I'm going to be on that job for quite a while but it will be great when finished.   The tiles (from Richard Stacey) will cover both the kitchen and scullery area.

And now totally off topic - I have to show the giant and the squirt!  I can't believe I managed to get the poodle to be still long enough to take the picture!  Score!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!


  1. Oh yes, those are real bricks, perfect! Enjoy that gorgeous new baby :)

  2. The fireplace surround and your stove are GORGEOUS!!! The floor is going to be great!

    Awwww I LOVE dogs! They are both fantastic. The new puppy is beautiful.

  3. Hi Lidi, the tile laying job looks like a labor of love and your dogs are just beautiful. I know what you mean about them sitting still, I have two cats and a dog who all get on very well but it's impossible to get a photo of all three!!!
    Blessings, Vicki.

  4. Your chimney is fantastic! Making the bricks and laying the quarry tiles is quite a big job, but so worth it! I look forward to seeing it finished.

    What a cute couple your dogs are. I love the contrast between them, such different dogs. Is your big dog a Leonberger?

    1. Josje - the big dog is a Tibetan Mastiff and I'm hoping that she will pass some of her Tibetan Zen to the poodle! Somehow I don't think that will happen though!
      Cheers - Lidi

  5. esa chimenea es preciosa , esperare a ver esas baldosas colocadas

    esos dos perros son preciosos y la foto muy chula



  6. Wow...wat een prachtige schouw met kachel heb je gemaakt. Mooi resultaat.

    Groeten Xandra

  7. Ах, какая фотография! Как грациозно лапка щенка придавила солидную лапу!

  8. The stove and brick work are beautiful...... and the two dogs, hopefully the poodle will get a bit calmer with growing up, they can be so busy when they are young, enjoy this phase :-)

  9. Your chimney is amazing.
    The dogs are adorable.

  10. Hi Lidi!

    I am so in love with your fireplace and stove! Wow! Can't wait to see it in place. I started following your blog just recently for a giveaway, which I was too new to enter, but I've so enjoyed everything about your blog that I'm so glad you had the contest! And your furry kids are so cute too. We still have yet to replace our two wonderful dogs that we lost a year and a half ago. Anyway, love your blog!


  11. Lidi, that is just beautiful!

  12. The brickwork is fabulous. What cute doggies you have!

  13. Wow I have been catching up on your posts and am blown away by your current projects. What a truly talented lady you are!!
    Love the not so tiny additions to your family too!

  14. Hi Lidi! Your dogs are lovely and having two dogs of my own I have tried a number of times to get them to face the camera together. One is always looking away or walking away! I give up!
    Your brick laying/ carving skills are impeccable and your patience admirable!
    This is already looking Fantastic and it is still in the process of becoming. Lidi you do FABULOUS work!


  15. Really nice fireplace with cast iron stove, and congratulations for the dogs :)

  16. Perfect work with real pricks, it looks like 1:1 ! Congrats!

  17. What can I say .....it's beautiful! I love, love the "stone" wall around the cooker.

  18. Quelle belle réussite!!!Superbe pièce maitresse dans une cuisine!

  19. It is absolutely lifelike and beautiful !
    hi, Anda

  20. What a fantastic photo of the dogs, they are both gorgeous. The chimney & cooker are just amazing. Fantastic detail. I am so enjoying watching the progress on this project.