Friday 1 June 2012

Some new stuff........ new that I haven't even written the notes up!!  On new and more complicated items, I always work on what I call my "proto-type" and then I can get down to the nitty-gritty of counting rows and stakes!!  So here we go.........

This is a little hedgehog house - and I can hardly wait
because I have asked Annie Willis to make me a
hedgehog to inhabit it.  Well, maybe not in this one, but certainly in the next one I make.

I'm still working on the fine details - but I don't think
it's too bad for a first attempt.

I found a pic of a real size one on the internet and
thought it would be cool to make one.

A little rocking cradle.  I sized this one to hold Allie Beans little belly button babies and the design came out of my head!

As a proto-type I find that I need to make it just 2mm larger all round to give the baby just a tad more room once in it.

A new technique mastered while making this too!  I
used a 3 x 2 plaited border and am tickled pink with the result.  As you may (or may not) know, I do not glue borders on to my work.  All my borders are worked as in RL baskets (and I won't go into the details of how here) so I'm very pleased that I managed to master this one!!  I've been working on it long enough!

Back view

And that's my post for today.  Tomorrow - weather permitting, I will do the photography on the internals of the fisherman's cottage.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Take care and mini hugs to you all.


  1. Both the hedgehog house and rocking cradle look stunning. I imagine how a little hedgehog in its beautiful house will look. Great work, as always.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Супер! Мне очень нравится колыбель!

  3. How exciting to see some new pieces. I LOVE the cradle!!! I am looking forward to seeing the inside of the fisherman's cottage.

  4. Hola Lidi! Un trabajo precioso. El erizo estara muy confortable en su nueva casa y la cuna es espectacular! Admiro tu gran trabajo!
    Buen fin de semana para ti tambien!
    Un abrazo!

  5. Great job. The rocking cradle is fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  6. Hello, congratulations for the beautiful work! It's so small and so cute! Kisses in your heart.

  7. Hi Lidi! Your baskets are amazing. The idea to make a hedgehog house is very original, I love it. Also the cradle is, especially the borders aren't glue!! Stunning work! Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings, Ilona

  8. That is a beautiful baby basket!

  9. How fun, and that hedgehog is going to one lucky critter! :D

  10. I cant believe that cradle!!! It is beautiful!!! So dang realistic I thought I was looking at the real thing.... You are so clever. LJ

  11. I'm always tempted to buy one of these hedgehog houses for the real sized hedgehogs who spend the winter in my garden. Your's is very very lovely.

  12. Ooooh, Lucky little hedgehogs! They'll be toasty warm in their little igloo. It's so true to life. Also true to life is the cradle, love it!!! Since you are allergic to needles I'll volunteer to make a mattress for it. Hugs, Sus.

  13. la casa del puercoespín es preciosa, pero esa cuna balancín es una monería!!!
    Un abrazo querida Lidi

  14. ¡Que belleza de trabajo!!! ÖÖÖÖ
    ¡ Felicidades!!!
    Un abrazo

  15. As always, your work is AMAZING!!

  16. Whaow. I had seen some of your work before but did not know you had a blog. Your work in really beautiful. Without the match for scale it would be hard to believe this is miniature. I am going to enjoy following you now and have added you to my little side-bar. A trip to your Etsy shop has also been really enjoyable. You will reach your 300 followers in no time. Best wishes from Ireland, Carol :)

  17. What a lovely and funny cradle! I'd never have imagined it could be done like this with the little robe! (I love cradles)
    Definitely, the hedgehog house gets more tender with the little animal going out from it...
    greetings. Carina