Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Great Mini Get-Together.........

.......and what a wonderful day it was!  Susan (minichrochetmad) and Sandra (Snippets from my Studio) called in for a cup of tea - lots of show and tell - and an exchange of gifts along the way.  And what a beautiful day it was too - sunny, warm - just perfect.

Little Belly Button Baby dressed in one of Susan's gorgeous outfits!  Isn't she the cutest?

Trying to show some of the detail - but it is so difficult to do justice to this lovely piece.

And here she is in her little moses basket, cuddling her teddy (also made by Susan)

And there is more!!

This layette is stunning - the petticoat which is worked into the garment is as gorgeous as the outer skirt.  The dress measures 52mm long, the bootees are 8mm long, the bonnet is 17mm x 18mm and the knickers are 18mm wide.

How do you do it Susan!

Get-togethers with fellow miniaturists are rare in our part of the world - I wish it could happen more often.  So it is indeed very special when we get the opportunity to talk minis.

Sandra's show and tell was her quarter scale house that she is working on - and I could kick myself because I didn't get my camera to take some pics.  The  quarter scale furniture she is putting together is also amazing - I would never have the patience!


  1. The clothes are perfect.
    I like the photo with the baby in the basket.
    Bye Faby

  2. Es un bebe precioso con una ropa maravillosamente linda, esta de dulce en esa canastilla.
    besitos ascension

  3. Amazing clothes they are wonderful. The little bear is beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Beautiful doll in a gorgeous garment. Susan's work is stunning. Enjoy.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Every time I think I have seen it all, with regard to the treasures in miniature, fortunately I have to think again ;-)
    All this is absolutely adorable!!!
    Mini hugs,

  6. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that "mini meeting" - or better still a 4th tea time guest, I'm sure you have a wonderful time together.

    Susan's work is truly incredible, I have to keep reminding myself how tiny it is when looking at pics of it because it's so detailed.

    And what fun to see Sandra's cottage, working with such a tiny scale is certainly a big plus when you need a 'portable' project. What I've seen online of the lavender theme cottage looks really pretty.

  7. Beautiful work of Susan and so lovely in your Moses basket!!! Jeannette

  8. Lidi, Peter and Nathan and I truly enjoyed our 'Mini Get-together' - with a maxi amount of mini talk lol! It is always a pleasure to see you and to meet Susan was a real treat. Her crochet just blows me away, and of course I am thrilled to have come away with some of your wonderful baskets to add to my collection. You are both master craftswomen, and I admire you immensely. I don't have half the patience that either of you have! Hugs, Sandie (and give those two curly giants of yours a pat from me too)

    1. Lovely to meet up again Sandra. We have to do it again soon!! Hugs - Lidi

  9. Hi Lidi, always great when we have time together mate!! It was really something meeting another like-minded online friend and seeing Sandies proficiency with the smaller scales. Talk about patience....I could never do what you do Sandie!

    Um, Lidi, the petticoat is separate to the long gown, you can pull it out. The yoke of that gown is larger than that of the short gown, to accommodate the extra thickness of the petticoat yoke.

  10. Susan - attached or not, your work is still amazing! See how much I understand about crochet - you should know I'm allergic to needles of any kind!! Looking forward to another get-together soon!

  11. Has recibido un regalo precioso, es un trabajo admirable. Un saludo, Eva

  12. Beautiful. Kisses in your heart.

  13. Susan's crochet is absolutely gorgeous & how perfect does that beautiful baby look in your basket! :) x